Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This Past Week- iPhone Photo Edition

It never seems to amaze me how quickly I lose track of time. So much happens in so little time and I forget/ don't have time to post about everything. I have been so tired too but I love blogging and want to get back in routine of it once we get back in routine. By that I mean, Once all of these teeth finish cutting through and momma gets some sleep so I am able to post! So for now we will settle on the "lets catch up on everything all at once" posts, okay?

I know I have mentioned before that Madelynn is a terrific and happy baby, but y'all she is seriously the best child. You can't help but smile when you are around her. She is so full of life right now and I am loving every single part of it. I love this age she is at because she is learning so many things so fast. I remember how much the twins changed between the months 12-15 and its amazing. I can't wait to see what type of little person she is in the next few months and the little girl she is becoming. I hope she is always this full of life and it is never taken away from her. Something we could all learn from babies is how to live happily. 

My friend, Michelle, made her the cutest birthday shirts! She wore this one on her actual birthday day and has another addable one I am going to put her in for her one year check up! Yes, I still haven't taken her just yet! Go check out Michelle's awesome creations at Pippis Treasures!

Since my parents don't live near us, we try and face time as much as possible. Maddie is obsessed with holding it when we do Face Time and takes it from me. Just a few nights ago we were face timing and afterwards Maddie grabbed the iPad and kept kissing "hhmmoo" and "pop-pop"! Sweetest thing ever!

 I posted this picture on IG the other night. This says it all. Life is crazy, a blur at sometimes but never a dull moment. And oh how I love this man so much. He is amazing. He is everything I have ever asked for in a man. A hard worker, a wonderful caring and involved father, and a great husband. I thank God every night for bringing us together and giving us this family we are so blessed to have.

Saturday we went to a birthday party at the Zoo! It was so much fun and when we left the twins cried and screamed to see "more aminals"! I love that they love animals so much and that they are intrigued by everything they see. The last time I took the to a Zoo they were terrified of the "big" animals. The lions, tigers and a few more. This time? Not so much. They loved them all and would've sat at each exhibit for an hour if we let them. 

I have had a few rough days around here with the kids. Just a lot of whining, fussiness and fighting. You know, just being two. Its hard. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing something wrong because they've never been this fussy for this long. I play with them, I love on them and I try and give them one on one attention. I know they are teething and I know its hard to take in everything that happens in a day for their little minds but I can't help but let it hurt my feelings. I love them so much and hate getting aggravated at the constant fighting and whining. I have to remember that they just don't understand everything yet. Especially how to share. And honestly I don't know many adults who are good at sharing, so I guess this is something we all learn throughout our lifetimes. Jocelynn and JP are fighting a lot lately. We have two of everything but they want what the other one has, of course. We are working on this and until then I will just have to try harder. Jocelynn isn't napping right now either which makes things even harder on getting my chores done. I do laundry and the dishes when they nap and try to do a blog post but that hasn't been happening at all. Because if she is going to be up, I am going to play with her and spend time with her. I love spending time with her but I hate the mess at night. She is getting another 2 year old molar in and she doesn't handle the molars well at all. I hope they break through soon! Maddie is teething too and its causing her to have a rough time falling asleep at night. After a rough day yesterday I can't tell you how badly I needed some sweet sleepy cuddles from her. I rocked her and kissed all over her until she fell asleep in my arms. Its funny how exhausting being a mom can be but when we get the chance to care for them even more, we do. Instead of being mad about sleep, we are grateful for just a few more minutes that night with them because we all know how fast it goes by. That made my night.

With rough days comes new things to do. I decided to bake cookies and let the kids decorate them for a fun experience. They had so much fun. I think it helps their independence letting them do things like this. I taped wax paper down to the table and let them go to town!

I love all of my babies so much! So thankful to have such a wonderful family. Cant wait for this weekend for some egg hunting!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

You are My Sunshine First Birthday Party-Part 2

Part Two of the party! I know I mentioned to y'all how beautiful the weather was.. but it was absolutely gorgeous that day. It rained on Friday and Sunday but it was so pretty for her party and I am so glad! My luck is never that good. I am so glad we didn't have to do it inside because kids tend to get a little stir crazy. 

We had a small bouncy house we ordered from Amazon that was perfect! It wasn't "intimidating" for my little shorties and they got right in and played with all the other kids! It has a ball pit attached to the side of it and that made it that much more fun! I also had a huge piece of plywood that I painted with chalkboard paint. We sat that board on top of a few cement blocks so the kids would enjoy coloring or writing Madelynn a special note! 

Jocelynn and JP helped Maddie open her birthday presents. They thought everything was for them but sweet Maddie didn't care. She opened one present and she was good. She wanted to play with just that one toy the rest of the day. My dad bought her a water table which I have been wanting to get FOREVER and it was a hit. Matt opened it up, put it together and filled it with water and all of the kids played there for more than 30 minutes. That thing is heaven sent.

Whats an outside party without bubbles? My BIL brought bubbles for all the kids and it was so smart because they all played with them the whole time! Why didn't I think of that? Thanks Mark!

 After the presents we went straight for the cake! I sat Maddie in her high chair and she just looked at everyone like "why are you staring at me"? We started singing the Happy Birthday song and my sweet girl started dancing. I then put the cake in front of her. It took her a minute but she finally started to dig in. I won't lie.. I really wanted her to stick her whole face in it but she stayed more clean eating her smash cake than she does eating dinner. I think she might have had stage fright!

Jocelynn loves babies and she is such a little mommy too. Here she is holding her cousin Joee-Kate and kissing on her!

 I'm so glad my parents were able to come! I know they wouldn't have missed her birthday for anything! Maddie sure does love them and I know they love her too! She is such a blessing that surprised us all!

Here's the birthday girl with her aunt Jill! Oh how we love our Aunt Jill and don't know what we would do without her! 

Madelynn and Joee-Kate

It was a perfect day for a perfect little girl! I'm glad we got a lot of pictures but somehow me and Matt didn't get a picture with our baby girl! I hate that but I know she knows we love her and she will look back at this one day and feel the love. And yes, I'm still celebrating her birthday because around here you get at least a month to celebrate all occasions!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Madelynn: You are ONE!

Well, baby girl. It has come. Today you turned one year old. I can't believe it. In the blink of an eye I found out I was pregnant with you, had you, brought you home, cuddled you and now you are one. Its just crazy.

I remember this time last year like it was yesterday. I was so exhausted because Jocelynn was up all night the night before having to go to the hospital. We had to be there at 6 so they could start prepping which meant we left the house around 5. I was very calm though. All morning. I mean, I had just been through this 15 months before so i knew what to expect. We got there and they started the IV. Shortly after that they gave me the ever so great epidural and waited until it was time to meet our "nugget". I love the fact that we didn't know whether we were having a boy or a girl. To be honest, I felt like she was a girl the whole time but the way she kicked and made my belly move made everyone else think it was a boy.

Around 8 am they wheeled me to the operating room. Transferred me onto the operating table, cleaned my belly and put a sheet up. Then they let Matt enter. He sat by my head and asked me if I was ok and I told him I was great. I was so great and relaxed that all of the nurses thought it was so funny. I just kept telling them "aint nothing but a thang". My doctor walked in and we began. She told us it wouldn't be long. The next thing I knew she pulled out a baby and said "Ohh its a very chunky little girl"! Of course I started crying. Correction.. Bawling. There is no better sound than to hear your baby let out a big cry when they enter this world. It is like they are letting everyone know "HEY! I'm here and glad to be out of there!" They took her to the table to get her measurements and clean her up a bit. I had a TV by my head so I could watch everything they did with her and it was wonderful. I got to watch her squirm and cry since I obviously couldn't get up to see her. She weighed 8 lbs and 13 oz and was 18 1/2 inches long. I had myself a beautiful, chunky baby girl and I named her Madelynn Rae.

While they sewed me up, Matt and Madelynn went to the recovery room and got to bond a little bit. I took a short nap while they sewed me up because I was still so exhausted hah. The doctors and nurses laughed at me for it but when you got three that young all the sleep you can get is necessary. When they wheeled me into the room Matt handed me Maddie. I couldn't believe it. This little nugget who had been kicking me and who gave me contractions for 15 weeks of my pregnancy was here. She was beautiful and perfect. She nursed right away. It felt so good to have that bonding time with her before taking her to meet the family. Keep in mind the family still didn't know what the sex was so when we finally got into a room we told the nurse to call them back. They walked in and I said "Everyone.. meet Madelynn Rae". They were thrilled. Everyone hugged on her and loved on her. Jocelynn and Jp were so young at that point they weren't really interested but they did give her a kiss. And at last we were a happy family of 5.

I was so scared. Scared about raising three babies under 15 months, scared I couldn't do it, just scared. Madelynn made everything so easy. She fit perfectly into our family. She never cried. Always played and has been the happiest, most full of life child I have ever met since I brought her home. There were some hard times but I wouldn't trade it for anything because it is the best. Everything about being a mom to these three kids is wonderful and so fulfilling.

Maddie is the best child. She is happy, she is full of life, she is just everything and I love her so much. She has a lot of me and Matt in her. She goes with the flow, she gets mad when she needs to, and is happy the rest of the time. I thank God every day for choosing us to be her parents because I don't know what I would do without this child in my life.

You are one! I love you so much baby. You and your siblings are my world. This past year has flown by but maybe this next year won't so much. I'm looking forward to this next year with you. Watching you grow and become your own little person is already so exciting. You always seem to amaze me and I'm sure you will amaze me even more this year when you start talking, running, and playing. I love you with all of my heart my sweet angel. You are my sunshine;)


Its been an amazing year my sweet girl!! Happy Birthday!!

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