Friday, August 29, 2014

Our Home- Maddie's Room

I don't think I have ever shown pictures of our home on here. I had a few requests on IG before and never really thought about doing it until now. Our home isn't very big but its perfect to us. We actually live in a double wide trailer. A lot of people don't know that but yes we do! When the economy crashed back in 2008 (I think it was around that time?) so did our credit. Our credit got bad fast and it didn't allow us to purchase a house. So we did what we had to do to get out on our own and bought a nice double wide. Its really the best of both worlds because our home is nice and cheap;) Until tornado's decide to intervene and then we are off to a friends house.

Our home is about 1900 sf. We have four bedrooms and two bathrooms. I love our home. I am such a homebody too. We have celebrated anniversaries here, we went through infertility problems here, we found out we were pregnant here, and we brought our three babies home here. We live on a big lot on the lake. We plan on building in the future and when we do we can build just right behind us!

I will show you most of the rooms in our house but first lets start with miss Madelynn's room! I knew I wanted her room yellow. We didn't know what gender she was when pregnant so I figured yellow would be a good color for girl or boy. Guess what? The room we decided to put her in was already yellow so yay for that! I ordered some beautiful bedding from a shop on Etsy that would easily work for both sexes. I made an alphabet wall for decoration and added a changing pad and basket to a big dresser I had. My parents found us a white crib at a yard sale and it worked perfect in our little (then) "nuggets" room. I used to have grey curtains up but i replaced them because it was still so bright in there in the afternoons which was messing her naps up. I replaced the curtain and actuality ended up using a bed spread from target that matched her room perfectly and it kept the dun from coming in! So here's our baby girls room!

 Please excuse all of the blankets on top of that dresser. We have way too many blankets and i just threw them up there!

 In her basket on the changing table I always keep diapers, wipes, rash medicine, and a pair of shoes and socks.

I bought all of these letters at Hobby Lobby. Different sizes and different styles. It took me a while to get every single letter in the alphabet because I tried getting them on %50 off or using the coupon when they weren't on sale! After purchasing them all I used card stock and mod-podged it onto each letter. They turned out great!

There ya go!! Hope y'all like it!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First day of MDO

My babies started MDO this week!! I just can't believe they are old enough to attend any type of program. They are still my babies. Although they are so much fun right now and constantly remind me every single day that they really aren't babies anymore.

We went to Meet the Teacher on Monday night. My mom came up this week because I wanted her to keep Maddie so we would be able to stay at Meet the Teacher for a while and just in case I had to be prepared to go get them their first day. As soon as we walked in the door, JP started screaming. I think he thought we were going to just leave him there. After we calmed him down he would look at me and Matt and say "You not weaving me?" and laugh/cry while saying it. It was so precious but made me so anxious for him the next day. The teachers were amazing. They were generous, kind and seemed very loving towards children. I told them how to distract JP the next day and that all he wants is to be loved on and he should calm down. They were excited about loving on my sweet boy. We said our goodbyes and see ya laters and went home to prepare for the next day!

Tuesday morning came quickly. I woke up around 6 to drink my coffee, get a few things done, make them breakfast and put everything in the car. I woke them up around 7. I thought they would be so mad at me because they are use to sleeping until 8:45! They weren't mad at all, In fact they were so excited and started talking about going to school immediately. JP kept telling me he was going to ride a "shcool bus". I just nodded my head and said "alright then!". After getting them dressed, I loaded them in the car and said bye to Moomoo. We would have said bye to Maddie but she was still asleep!

We pulled into the school and still no tears yet! I got them out of the car and they were still talking about how excited they were. We started walking down the hallway towards their class, both of them holding my hands and I look at JP to see his little overwhelmed face by all of the people. Still no tears yet. Finally get to their classroom, walk in and I look down to see what the twins reactions were. Jocelynn was fine and then I look at JP. I saw that bottom lip tuck in and I knew... here we go. He started screaming. I was trying to talk to him and calm him down but Ms. Becky (one of the teachers) grabbed him and told me to go. Off I went. I wanted to cry but I knew he would be just fine. This is the first time ever that they've stayed with someone that's not family so you can see why I would be a nervous wreck. Not for the kids but for the teachers hah! I got into my car and went to Hobby Lobby. I was honestly just waiting on a phone call to come back and get them. 15 minutes passed. Then 30. Then 50. Next thing I know its 10:30 and they still haven't called me. I was so anxious to know how it was going, how their day was and if they were just ok. After Hobby Lobby I went to Krispy Kreme because that is all JP asked for in reward for going to school. I wanted to reward him if he was doing good and show him that this was a big thing. I got 24 donut holes or as my baby boy says "dugnut hoes". It was still only 11:15 and I didn't know what to do next. I could have gone to target and spent money that we don't have or go somewhere else but I didn't want to spend any money that wasn't necessary spending. So I went and got a loaded baked potato and ate it in my car. No radio or anything. Just silence. It was so nice to just listen to my own thoughts and have a moment of peace. But I still couldn't get over my anxiety of thinking about the twins. Nothing was going to calm me down until I saw my babies. I went to a gas station and walked around, the post office to ship something and then just decided to go to the school parking lot. It was 12. I thought "I must be crazy" but when I pulled into the parking lot I noticed every other mom was sitting in their car just waiting. When 12:25 rolled around everyone got out of their car and it was like a race to get in to see all of our babies.

The doors to the preschool wing opened up and we all ran in! I really wanted to peek in on them before seeing me. I turned the corner and saw them playing in their classroom with their other classmates! Jocelynn and JP weren't even playing with each other! I was so proud I could have cried! Then they saw me and just lit up! They ran towards the door and the teacher mouthed to me "they did great!". I got their backpacks and we walked out holding hands. I asked them if they had fun and Jocelynn said "YES! I played basketball" and JP said "uh huh. I went down the BIG slide!!"I was overly filled with joy. I put them in the car and let them eat their doughnuts on the way home while they told me all about their day! And guess what? We got home and miss priss actually took a nap! So it looks like she might nap at least two days out of the week now;)

They both got great reports at the end of the day. JP had an accident but it was right when I had left in the morning when he was crying. After that they both used the potty, shared with others and even ate all of their snack and lunch! BTW- how fun is it making little lunches? I love it!

My mom text me this picture and I died out laughing!! I think Maddie had as good as a time with moo moo as the twins did at school!

I am so proud of my babies! They are only going to go two days a week from 8:30-12:30 but I think it will really help them open up to people they don't know. I am looking forward to see how they do tomorrow. I am sure it will take a few times for JP not to cry but who knows, he could surprise me!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Seven on Saturday!

I thought I said I was going to do better at this right? Well, I have an excuse for this week. We started this week out with a virus! It.was.awful! Im going to catch you up by telling you seven random things from this week!

  • Our week started on Sunday when Jocelynn woke up around 5:30 a.m throwing up. I was hoping it was just maybe something she ate but I had a feeling it was more. She went back to sleep and ended up doing it again around 6:30. I put her in bed with me after cleaning her off, washing her sheets and spraying her bed with lysol. All I could think was "please don't let this go around all of us". Thankfully it ended up being a 12 hour thing and Jocelynn felt much better later that day. Matt came home on Tuesday not feeling well but felt better the day after. 

  • Maddie has been a beast lately. I am talking like I do not even know who she is lately! She has been so mean, pitching fits, starting fights, just causing trouble. She has always been kind of "mean" but not like this. I noticed she was cutting her last one year molar. I am hoping thats why she has been like this. If it is not I might have to sit down and read a book about strong willed children. She is technically my second child (I got the two for one special the first time;) and I have heard some things about second children but nothing like how Maddie is. How was your second child? I think Maddie thinks she is the first child.

This is what she does when she doesn't get her way. She falls on the floor, hands and knees first, turns over and screams while kicking her legs and hitting her arms on the floor. Yup, I guess you could say I do have my hands full...with just this one child.

Jocelynn went to Nashville! She is back now but Moomoo and Pops took their first granddaughter to Nashville with them on Tuesday. She had so much fun. In fact, they must have spoiled her. Let her stay up late, sleep in and got a ton of new toys. Thats what grandparents are suppose to do, right? I love that she loves them so much. This was the first time her and JP have been separated and it went so well. I didn't know how they would act but they were so strong and did great. Me, JP and Maddie went and met them on Thursday to pick her up and I put her in the car so she could say hey to them and they all just started laughing and kissing and hugging. It was the most precious thing ever.

JP really enjoyed some one on one time with me and Matt. I did too. 

  • I did a preorder for some awesome wine tumblers on IG @JunkbyJenn. Follow along and order one! I finally did add my shop button to my blog! You'll see on the bottom left sidebar the button that says "Junk by Jenn". Click on it and it will take you right to my etsy shop!!

  • I am 8 lbs aways from my goal weight. I am so close I can taste it. I haven't cheated on my diet in two weeks and it has really paid off. I usually give myself one night a week (usually the day I weigh in) to eat what I really want for dinner. Well, all I have really wanted is healthy stuff. Plus the virus probably helped me out because I didn't feel like eating anything in the beginning of the week. Goal weight.. here I come!!

  • My babies start MDO on Tuesday!!!! I can't believe it! I am so excited for them. JP hasn't been thrilled about it but Jocelynn will tell everyone "I'm going to go to school!" They are only going two days a week from 8:30-12:30 but this is huge for them. They don't get a whole lot of face time with other kids (other than their siblings). I know JP will cry and Jocelynn might but I am hopping after going to meet the teacher the night before will help them on Tuesday.

  • We are going to the beach next weekend!! Only from Friday- Sunday. I wish we were staying longer but Matt has to get back to go to work on Monday. There is a country music festival happening in Panama City Beach next week and we plan on going to it a couple of nights! We also wanted to one last little vacay for the babies before fall gets here!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Babies are two and a HALF!

To be perfectly honest, they've been 2.5 since June 30th. I have been wanting to take pictures of them for a while but just couldn't find the time, it was ranging or too hot. Yesterday was the perfect day to stage a photo shoot. It was breezy and not too hot! I asked them if they wanted to take some pictures and they shouted "YEAH!"

I said in my previous post how fast this year has gone by. I really do feel like we just celebrated their second birthday. Well, I really feel like we just celebrated them being born. They are amazing. Completely and utterly amazing. Yes, they are at that fun age where there is lots of whining and lots of tantrums but I wouldn't trade our days for anything in the world. Because with this age comes a lot of fun stuff too. They really understand us in a way they never have before, they tell us whats wrong, they communicate so well to us and each other and its hilarious listening to them piece together words to make sentences. 

I love being able to talk to them and they talk back. Sometimes you get the "what??", "no!" and scream reply but that's all ok too. We are actually working on the "whats?" and turning them into mam's and sir's. They are doing great with it too. Except they say "mam". to everyone hah. 

At 2.5:


  • Finally potty trained!! Yay! We just started a few weeks ago but you've rocked it and have nobly had a few accidents (one of our bad days)! You love wearing big girl panties but you really love spider man underwear. In fact, I think JP wearing spider man underwear is what really got you wanting to potty train! 
  • You still love your milk! You drink chocolate milk at night and in the morning out of a take n toss cup! 
  • You love bubble guppies, paw patrol, barney and MMCH.
  • You go to bed around 7:15-7:30 and sleep until 8:45 the next morning. 
  • You still have a paci during car rides, nap and at night but we are about to take away at least one of those. And yes, I am terrified because you sure do love that thing!
  • You wear mostly 2T but can fit into some 3 stuff!
  • Favorite foods: Steak, cheeseburger, chicken fingers, broccoli, baked beans, salad, mac n cheese and pizza. Really I can get you to eat anything with ranch. But you are a great eater, you'll try anything just once!
  • You love your IPad. You learned quickly how to work that thing too and it amazed me and your daddy. Although we always choose to play outside first the iPad is one thing that can calm you down without having to give you a paci.
  • You are such a sweet angel. Period. Such a good rider on trips, very understanding of anything and everything we say, great sister. Just amazing. You are my little girl and I love you with all of my heart.


  • Potty trained!! You rocked the potty training dude! We potty trained you around the end of June and you surprised me. You didn't have any accidents and you made it very easy on momma. You started having trouble with #2 recently and have an accident every now and then but we are working on it;) I am so proud of you baby boy!
  • You love your milk still too! You get a take n toss cup with chocolate milk every morning and night just like your sissy.
  • You love bubble guppies, paw patrol, barney, MMCH and fishing shows with daddy. 
  • You go to bed around 7:15-7:30 and sleep until 8:30-8:45 the next morning. 
  • You still get your paci in the car, naps and at night. I think you will actually be the easy one to take it away from. It is like you could care less now unless you're just having a bad day, then you ask for it.
  • You wear 12-18 month old shorts, 18 month old & 24 month old pants, 24 months and 2T shirts. Can wear some 3T shirts.
  • Favorite foods: Steak, mac-n-cheese, salad, pizza, corn on the cob. You use to be my great eater but now? Not so much dude. You don't even like to try things if they look different to you and you yell at me if I didn't make any mac-n-cheese.
  • You slew with two huge monkeys. You named them "Ba-ba" when you were a baby. We call one "little bobba" and the other "big bobba".. obviously. You rub the tags of their bottom area until you fall asleep. The tag area doesn't even have fur around it anymore. I don't know what we will do when those things get even more down and dirty than they are now!
  • You LOVE the trash man. Wednesdays are trash pick up and it is your favorite day of the week. Sometimes he runs really early but when we catch him on time I will take you on the front porch and he will honk at you! Makes your week by far!
  • You are such a boy. Love anything "boy/man" related. You wake up talking about "pishing" (fishing) and go to bed talking about it too. You love tractors, "camofwauge", tennis shoes, hunting, trucks, and more! I love you my sweet boy. You are indeed the sweetest child we have;) There.. I admitted it. 

Y'all made me a mommy. I could not be more proud of y'all. You two have such powerful and contagious giggles. Your love for each other is admiring. None of us will ever understand your connection to each other because y'all are lucky. Y'all have a bond no one knows about unless you are a twin. Y'all can fight like cats and dogs but at the end of the day you give each other a kiss and say "thanks for playing with me today bubba/sissy". Its precious. Y'all are grateful. Y'all say thank you all the time. Y'all are loving. Both of you give kisses all day long. Y'all kiss me, daddy. Maddie, each other and even Roxanne. Like I said y'all are just contagious. Anyone who comes in contact with y'all won't stop thinking about you both because y'all are just that special. 

Mommy loves you both so much. Thank you Lord for choosing me to be their mom because you truly blessed us with some amazing kids. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Things They Say..

Kids say the darndest things. Right? I am really loving the age the twins are at because of everything they say. They are trying their hardest to piece together words and put them together to make a sentence. It is the cutest thing ever and sometimes extremely funny. Jocelynn is very good at understanding what a word means. She will ask me "whats that?" and I will tell her. She is a very good listener and quick learner so I talk to her like an adult sometimes. JP is smart too. He just doesn't care as much as his sister does about learning.

I want to get down a few scenarios that has happened the past few weeks so I don't forget them or this age..

Jocelynn- Catch it daddy
Matt-I caught it! Alright, you catch it. (throws ball at her face)
Jocelynn- (Cries) Ow daddy, you poked it in my eye!

Jocelynn- I got you some rocks, mommy.
Me- Oh, thank you so much.
Jocelynn- Ill put them right there.. in case you need them.
Me- WHAT did you say?
Jocelynn- Just in case you need them (smiles and walks off).

Twins talking in their cribs...
JP- Falalala
Jocelynn- I can't hear you
JP- I WUV you
Jocelynn- I can't hear you! Take your paci out and talk!!

Jocelynn- Im going to brush Maddies hair, ok?
Me- Ok. Just be gentle please.
(I see her walk over to maddie and sit right next to her)
Jocelynn- Maddie. Maddie!! I need to brush your hair!
Maddie cries.
Jocelynn- Its ok baby girl. Its ok.
Maddie turns her head away.
Jocelynn- Dont do that silly willy!

As you can see she is talking very good and surprising us every single day with a new word. She also says stuff like "Hey Y'all!" "I gotta go to church" "I not going to cry" "I'm a big girl" "I am ready to go to the beach" "Lets leave mom" "You want some more coffee" "Can I make it for you" and more!

JP is talking a lot too but Jocelynn doesn't really give him a chance to be funny with his words like she is. A few scenarios from JP..

Jocelynn- Go in there Bubba
JP-No, jocelynn.
Jocelynn- Get out bubba! Go in there!\
JP- WHATEBER (I about died when I heard this one)

Me-Where you going baby?
JP- Playroom
Me- Ok. Play good
JP- Ill be right back, OOOOKKKKK???

JP has gotten to the phase of "what?" And all.the.time. Its what?what?what? Back to back. We are working on this and he knows he is suppose to say "Mam" or "sir" instead of what. He gets confused and will reply "Mam?" to everyone but its better than the WHAT all the time!

I love these kids so much. They make me laugh every single day. Sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out too but thats what they are supposed to do, right? I am looking forward to the months to come to see how much more they will be saying. Especially around Christmas. I am sure we will need to film all the happenings around Christmas this year!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up!

I swear, I feel like this year is going by so unbelievably fast. Time always flies by but I don't remember one year ever being as fast as this one has been. Every time I have an idea for a post and when I go to post it, it usually just turns out being a "weekend wrap-up" post because a new week is here before I know it!

I am loving my short hair still! I have yet to put it in a pony tail too! It has been so easy to manage and i even let it dry and wave some days! I highly recommend you cutting yours off;)

I made tuna salad for lunch last Friday and it was the first time I let Maddie have some. I think she might have really liked it...

 When Matt got home Friday we all loaded up in the car and went to Birmingham for a night of family fun! Our first stop was tree top and the kids had a blast! It was pretty expensive for the activities so we didn't stay too long. They got to play on the indoor playground for free. Me and Matt had to go up there with them but we didn't mind it one bit!

You want to know something funny? It always seems to amaze me how the twins can remember certain things from their short little lives so far. One day, about a year ago, we took them to McDonald's to let them play on the slides and have lunch.  Well, there was a fake (of course) tiger up at the top and it scared JP to death. He hated that tiger and screamed every single time he went up to slide. It was kind of funny. Anyways, when we were climbing up to the top to go slide JP looked at us and said "there's not a tiger up there!" And we looked at each other like "Wow." We couldn't believe he remembered that! So funny!

After Tree-Top we went to a Hibachi grill. Its been a while since we've taken them so we thought they would really enjoy it this time. We were right. They were amazed. Except when the waiter asked Jp what he wanted, he kindly shouted "I want piizzzzzaaa!" The boy loves his pizza. He did enjoy his rice and noodles though.

Maddie acts so grown all of the time, so we let her. We let her drink like the big kids and just be big. Although, I do hate it but I love her for wanting to be like her brother and sister. She turned 16 months old on Friday so we called it her celebration dinner!

 Jocelynn was too amazed by everything and wouldn't look at the camera with me but that doesn't mean I don't love this picture of me and my first!

Its been too hot to do anything the past few days. We decided to take the kids fishing on Saturday. We only survived the heat for about an hour. We got to catch some fish and have fun with our babies!

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