Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Recap

Our Easter weekend was pretty great, if i do say so myself. The weekend started out with a girls day and included a day date with the hubs (post about soon) and ended by celebrating Easter with my little family. 

We woke up on Sunday morning ready to dye some eggs! Me and Matt got home too late on Saturday night to dye them so we stuck with Sunday morning! I didn't know how this was going to go so the first thing I did was tape wax paper to my table. I put the dye in muffin cups so they could get to it easily. It was fun, messy and everything ended up the color of crap. Just being honest. All the colors got mixed together and they loved dipping the eggs into the dye so thats how all the eggs turned out.. a beautiful brown. With the exception of a couple purple and green ones that we poured glitter on and took to our egg hunts.

IMG 6108IMG 6114


IMG 6112IMG 6118

IMG 6102IMG 6122

IMG 6125IMG 6129


The kids woke up very early that morning. And I do mean very early..for them. They usually wake between 8 and 8:30 but that morning they woke at 6! Lets just say they all got tired around 10 am so we went ahead and put them down to try and let them get a quick nap! They went to sleep! I couldn't believe it but was so happy they did, otherwise they would've been exhausted the rest of the day! We continued our Easter fun by going to my very best friends house, who the twins call Aunt Jill. Her, her sister and her dad got little baskets for all of the babies and even put on an egg hunt for them! I love this family so much. Im so glad to have them in my life because they make my parents being far away a little bit easier to deal with. 


They enjoyed the egg hunt so much!! David even put money in some of the eggs which JP thought was the coolest thing ever. He kept putting the money in his pockets! Madelynn even enjoyed the hunt! Third babies want to grow up way too fast! The twins would have never been interested in something like this at a year old but Madelynn was all over it!

IMG 6156

IMG 6148

IMG 6171

IMG 6176

IMG 6177

IMG 6183

IMG 6190

IMG 6193

IMG 6196IMG 6199                   


Our family of five!! This time last year (Easter not the date) I was very pregnant and ready to become our family of 5! So glad Maddie is apart of our family and all the changes we've experienced in this past year have only made us all so much stronger. 

IMG 6490


IMG 6209


Heres all my babies with their Aunt Jill and Aunt Anna! These girls have been apart of our kids lives from the beginning. I consider them to be my sisters because that is how much I love them! Thank y'all so much for being a part of our family and welcoming all of us into yall's on this special holiday! 

IMG 6293

My mom came and spent Easter with us too! So glad she was here to experience their little excited faces on that morning. Also? Maddie is such a moo-moos baby! SHe loves her moo-moo and wherever she is, you'll find Maddie not far behind!

IMG 6217

Checking out the Easter goodies!! JP doesn't really know what money is but he knew he liked it. David put so many dollar bills in there and even a $10!! JP put it right in his pocket and when we got home later that night we put it in their piggy banks!

IMG 6222

IMG 6230

IMG 6236

IMG 6250

I know this post is a million years long but I have to tell y'all something. I hooked Jills dad up with a woman a couple years ago who is also my childhood friends mom. They are still together!! Maybe im the next matchmaker?? ANyways, it is so great to see Jahnna when I can and the fact that her mom is dating my best friends dad lets us see each other on holidays! Miss this girl so much!

IMG 6252

IMG 6271

Maddie was extremely busy all day long. I mean running around from point A to point B. At one point she was covering her face and wanted us to play peek-a-boo! It was the cutest thing ever!

IMG 6288


After we left Jills house we went to Matts mom house. They had another easter egg hunt there. I held JPs hand while hunting and he was hilarious. Every.Single.Egg he found he had to open before finding another one. Some had candy and he would eat that candy before going to the next one. If it had money in it, he would put it in his pocket and continue on the hunt. Cracked me up!

IMG 6313

Aunt Jessica and Madelynn playing on the miniature four wheeler!

IMG 6302

I asked JP if he was thirsty and Jocelynn decided to give him some of her drink. Got to love that little momma!

IMG 6318


When we left Cathy's house we went to Joeys house, which is Matts dad. He had these wonderful Easter baskets for all the babies. It was so nice and thoughtful of them! They had to go fishing so we weren't there long and I didn't manage to get any pictures! Plus the babies were so wore out from our long holiday day! So thankful for every single person we are able to call family and for that family loving our babies as much as they do. It is kind of hard not to love these wonderful kids ;) Even on the bad days at home, I could still just eat their cuteness right up. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! He IS RISEN!


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