Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week & Weekend Recap

I feel like these "catching up" and "recap" posts are the only posts I have time for lately. For right now they work but I miss blogging desperately. About recipes, my feelings, our happening and all in between. Until that time comes these post tend to work to catch up on everything that's been going on. 

Its warm outside! Can you say FINALLY? I mean, I feel like we have waited an entire year for it to be warm again! I use to love the cold weather but the winter of 2013/14 has officially made cold weather get on this mommas bad side. 

With warm weather comes a lot of outside play. We are outside most during the day and evening. All three kids love the outdoors so much. Sometimes we just sit on the front porch and blow bubbles and they are even fine with that. I love that they love being outside. Jocelynn pitches a fit if I make her come in. In fact, today we were in the backyard playing and I told her we needed to go inside to start making lunch. Well, her response was this "NNOOOO, I need to play!! I need to play OUTSIDE MOM". Okay then. We stayed out there for 30 more minutes. As long as they're happy, I am good.

BTW- If you haven't gone and gotten one of these no spill bubble buckets, you are missing out! Days of fun and no mess? You had me at no spill, Fubbles. 

We needed to do some yard work this week so we went to Walmart and purchased one of those plastic pools! Cant beat loads of fun for only nine dollars!

 It rained a lot last week. And I do mean a lot. We had some severe weather at the beginning of last week which brought the dreaded rain. I say "dreaded rain" because I am sick of it raining. The cold and the rain. I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining about everything but when you have three kids that want to go outside and play, neither of those things help.

With rain comes great big puddles. Wasn't a puddle just the best thing ever to you when you were young? Well, it was to me! We went to paw paws last week before Matt went to his fishing tournament and I just let the kids go. They had such a blast and I loved watching them just be kids.

My beautiful no napping diva. I'm talking about Jocelynn if you don't know that already. She naps maybe 1-2 times out of the 7 a week. I have fun with her when she stays up but I get so behind on everything. I'm working on putting that behind me because it doesn't matter if the laundry gets piled up, dishes are overflowing or I haven't blogged in two days; She matters. We had so much fun one day last week. I french braided her hair, i put makeup on her and she put makeup on me. We just had girl time and I loved every second of it. She is a big helper too. If I am way behind on housework she loves putting the clothes from the washer to the dryer and she loves wiping the tables down. She even sings a little song that Ive been singing since they were little. She will sing "Cean up, dean up everybody everywhere". Its the sweetest thing and its crazy how little things like that stick in their heads. The picture below is of her telling me not to take a picture of her. 

 I have the happiest baby ever. Madelynn is the literally happy all of the time. I love her so much. She brings such great joy to us all and dinner would not be near as entertaining without her;)

Jocelynn got makeup from the Easter bunny and it is all she plays with lately. She is very good at it too. She puts the eyeshadow on her eyes and the lip gloss on her lips. She tries to put it on JP too hah! JP will tell her "NO sissy, not for boys"! Because that's what daddy told him. 

Maddie naps in the mornings for 15 minutes up to an hour. I love the one on one time I get with the twins during that time. We hang out in my room on the big bed and watch bubble guppies while snacking! They are so silly! And don't be fooled by this picture.. they were fighting again 15 minutes later. Fighting seems to be the thing now. 

I took them to the park last Friday just to get out of the "ordinary". The twins swung on their belly while Madelynn ran around! We had so much fun. If you follow me on IG you know I got all sentimental with this post. I just dreamed of the day that I could take all of my kids, or just one kid, to the park. I had that dream taken away from me a couple of times but now I have three little blessings I can take to the park! Its amazing how God works. We are so blessed to have these three little rascals all to ourselves. 

One of my best friends , Jennifer Green, just had a baby boy! We waited a whole week before we took them some dinner! I couldn't wait to meet little baby Judd! He is so precious and we are so happy for them. If you want a crowd pleaser, cook the PW's Baked Ziti! I cooked that for Jen and Allen and everyone loved it! Cant wait to go back and get some more sweet newborn snuggles! Go away baby fever, you are NOT needed here...just yet;)

I caught Jocelynn red handed in my concealer this morning. I heard her saying "I got some, I got some. You want some momma?" Then I looked down and noticed this little face. Oh, miss Jocelynn, there is never a dull moment with you my angel.

Sisterly love! Had to put this on here because this doesn't happen a lot. They love each other so much but they can fight like cats and dogs. After Maddie woke from her nap today Jocelynn asked to hold her. After realizing how heavy Maddie is she decided to push Maddie next to her. She hugged her and said "I wuv you baby girl! I WUV Maddie Rae!" I immediately took out my phone to capture that sweet moment!! 

Hope everyone is having a great week!!


  1. I hear you about only doing recaps and missing blogging! It's so hard when you have 3 littles! Your kids are adorable-- so glad that yall are able to enjoy the warm weather too :)

  2. Cute pictures! I'm glad you had a good weekend!


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